Jenny Lewis is NAF (look it up) at the State Theatre


To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of her debut solo album “Rabbit Fur Coat” Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins are on a brief tour that started last night in Minneapolis. The day before the show Lewis, Connor Oberst, the Watson Twins and a few others crashed a Frankie Lee show at the Turf Club’s Clown Lounge filling the tiny space with more musicians than concert goers.

Connor Oberst was the (somewhat of a surprise) opener. He played a calm and low key set that sounded a lot more intimate than one would think possible in a large theater. He dedicated one song to “Julius Caesar, John Lennon or Jesus Christ or anyone that you look really up to yet get pissed enough about to kill them”. Overall a very enjoyable set.

Jenny Lewis offered us a ride down memory lane with a journey back to the present in her second set. Concert goers were handed an actual play bill with set times and a program. The first set played “Rabbit Fur Coat” in its entirety starting with Lewis and the Watson Twins walking on stage holding candles singing without microphones. This set the mood for the first half of the evening, calm, relaxed and beautiful.  The audience was quite varied in age and styles including a few kids. Spotted: His & her man buns,  a Mohawk with a nice full beard and GRRRL PRTY hat all of which went well with the space boots Lewis and the Twins sported for their first set.

The second half turning into more of a rock show with The Staves, Oberst and Har Mar Superstar all making guest appearances. It also included a new song “Red Bull and Hennessy”. Overall a great evening with 2 distinct halves.
Set List:
Set 1: Run Devil Run \ The Big Guns \ Rise Up With Fists!! \ Happy \ The Charging Sky \ Melt Your Heart \ You Are What You Love \ Rabbit Fur Coat \ Handle With Care \ Born Secular \ It Wasn’t Me \ Happy (Reprise)
Set 2: Head Underwater \ Just One of the Guys \ See Fernando \ I Met Him on a Sunday \ Red Bull and Hennessy \ I Never \ The Voyager (with The Staves) \ Door \ She’s Not Me