Jawbox Rocks The First Ave Mainroom Mainroom Friday Night


Jawbox brushed 20 years of dust off of their road cases and rocked the snot out of the First Avenue Mainroom Friday night. With no new music to support, it was nothing but the classics for the room full of post-hardcore fans.

Up first was Minnesota native Justin Courtney Pierre. When he’s not producing films he’s making music, either solo or with Motion City Soundtrack. His set pulled from his recent solo release In The Drink, his work with Motion City Soundtrack and even a couple of Farewell Continental tunes. No one was more excited to see Jawbox than Justin, at one point saying that he had purchased tickets for the evening show but gave them away since he now had better seats.

Jawbox came on right around 10 and bombarded the crowd with a sonic attack that at first seemed to stun the packed room. The fans fixated on the stage. Kim Coletta caromed around the stage with the energy of a six-year-old, hurdling herself from one side to the other. But with each power chord of “Mirrorful” more and more heads started bopping.

J Robbins deftly handled both vocals and a lot of the for mentioned power cords. By the time the band got around to “Tongues” from the ’94 release Novelty, most of the crowd was headbanging hard. Like me, most of them were on the north side of forty, but that didn’t stop somewhat of a mosh pit from forming in the Mainroom Saturday night. Highlight of the evening was the one two punch that closed the set. First was a revved-up version of “Savory” that was followed by a killer cover of the Tori Amos hit “Cornflake Girl”.

While time moves on, and most of us are a shell of our 90’s selves, Jawbox rocked like no time has passed. They created a musical time machine that transported a grateful crowd to another time, if only for a few hours.