JAUZ Will Be At The Armory With The ‘Dangerous Waters’ Tour On February 28th


The Armory should expect some chest-pounding bass, a few neck-aching head bangs, and possibly a, dare I say… “livelier” version of the beloved childhood classic “Baby Shark” when EDM artist and producer, JAUZ, invades Minneapolis on February 28th. In partnership with Insomniac, JAUZ (known on the street as Sam Vogel) has crafted the Dangerous Waters Tour, and fans should gear up for not only experiencing his genius but that of Habstrakt and possibly a few other special guests that have yet to be named. How mysterious… *queue Jaws theme music*

Transitioning from producer to main-stager at only 25 years old, Vogel made his mark in the dance community with the production of his 2017 album, Off The Deep End Volume One, and his 2018 album, The Wise and The Wicked. This year, the San Francisco, California native has excited us all with the release of his five-song Dangerous Waters EP. After only the most exciting of 2019’s—in which JAUZ played not only the infamous Coachella in California, but also several other festivals including Westword Music Showcase in Colorado, Balaton Sound in Hungary, both Tomorrowland and Pukkelpop in Belgium, and Field Day Festival in Australia, not to mention various concerts—he is more determined than ever to make sure 2020 is even bigger for his professional career and, let’s be real, I bet it’ll be much louder. 

Accompanying JAUZ on his mission of (what I’d like to call) “musical world domination” is producer and DJ, Habstrakt, from a faraway land known as the South of France. Also known as Adam Jouneau, Habstrakt is sure to bring an energetic flair to his set and get the crowd amped to wade through the Dangerous Waters Tour with JAUZ. 

Give them both a listen, and if you’d like to experience a beat powerful enough to vibrate your insides, tickets for the tour are still available HERE.