Jake Jones CD Release “From Time to Time” at the Turf Club 8/27/2016


What a difference a day makes. After Friday’s punk show I returned to the Turf Club yesterday to my first sight inside the door being a “No Bro Country” T-Shirt and banners of sponsoring radio station BOB FM all over the place. Alt Country singer Jake Jones celebrated the release of his album “From Time to Time”.

Starting the evening was Americana/Folk trio The Last Jackson. The band describes themselves as: “Americana fingerpickin’ folk meets foot-stompin’ swing and blues in the heart of Minneapolis” and that’s about as good a summary as I can think of. Their set was easy going and effortless. It felt like 3 very good musicians playing in someone’s backyard.

Hailing from the Twin Cities but now calling Nashville home Woodferd is the “solo” project of musician Peter John McKeown. Augmented by a drummer and a guitar player (Leng, who got to learn 4 new songs yesterday on his birthday). His set was enjoyable and I think Woodferd is the kind of artist that grows on you the more you listen.

Introduced by BobFM’s PT, Jake Jones took to the stage to the sound of Enio Morricone’s “The Duel” with his band and a couple of backup singers. Tempo and energy from the stage were certainly a few steps up from the openers. While staying in country he’s not afraid to incorporate other styles may it be Rockabilly or a bit of Southern Rock that I heard. He can also slow things down with songs like “Reputation”. Overall a good set and well received by his fans.
Set List: Chasing Dreams / Mary / Whiskey Water / Cripple Creek / Mexico / Let Go / Reputation / Dancing in the Rain / Voodoo Queen / Turn up the Heat / Rat Race Encore: Serenity / Cowboy Song / Save Tonight