Jai Wolf Lights Up A Sold Out Skyway


Walking into Skyway Theatre on Saturday night felt like a good night for electronica. There was a light and comfortable vibe in the crowd. There was no shortage of dancing and laughter as the fans waited for Jai Wolf’s performance. The DJ that warmed the crowd up seemed to get the energy elevated. I always quite enjoy people watching at these types of shows. Why you may ask? I love checking out people’s get-ups for the night. Not to mention the mesmerizing LED flow toys.

I scanned the stage to take guesses on what I would be in store for. There was a circular space-like setup that was on stage. It almost resembled a control center equipped with electronic drum and percussion pieces. The room dimmed and everyone knew what was about to happen. I couldn’t wait to see how the show would start and what the light show would be like. Jai Wolf walked out on stage and a giant circular LCD screen lit up with a silhouette of a man with a hat, Jai Wolf.

The set began with an invitation for the viewers to come along on a journey. And off the room went. The graphics matched so perfectly with the instrumentation. The fact that he used drum pads and a keyboard for a majority of his set impressed me. It also made his performance that much more entertaining to watch. 

It was an all around great show. I loved the energy, crowd and atmosphere the Jai Wolf brought to Minneapolis. Hands down I would attend another show from him and can’t wait to catch another one of his shows in the future.