Ja Rule & Ashanti Amazed Fans At Myth Live


Knitting Factory Entertainment sponsored an epic evening at the Myth Maplewood, Minnesota on Saturday evening. Ja Rule and Ashanti have reunited for a epic US tour in 2018. Ja Rule will be releasing his eighth and final studio album “Coup de Grâce” date is undetermined. Ashanti has released five studio albums to date. Ashanti has collaborated with many singer/songwriters including Fat Joe, Ja Rule and Nate Dogg. Ashanti and Ja Rule released many songs and monster hit “Always on Time” in 2002. 

The night started with DJ Tiiiiiiiip playing mixed songs to entertain the anxious crowd. DJ Tiiiiiiiip had several dancers on stage that were having a great time entertaining fans. The hype guys were always wondering around on stage throwing out the “HUH”,”Yeah”,”What” on time with the beats. Singer /Songwriter Lexii Alijai from Saint Paul, Minnesota came out and performed several songs off of her debut album “Growing Pains“. She has a very energetic personality and is killer singer. I would love to photograph another show of Lexiis’ in the future.

The Lights went down and DJ Tiiiiiiip played a few more songs. The crowd was getting anxious for Ja Rule & Ashanti. The buzz was who was going to open for who. The two DJs were setting up at the sametime on different ends of the stage which looked like to me Ja Rule and Ashanti were going to switch off songs and co-headline. The lights went down and the video intro began. Smoke machines filled the stage with smoke. The video ended and the crowd erupted in chear for Ja Rule. Ja Rule started the show with hit “Wonderful” as the song finished Ja Rule left the stage. Ashanti came out in her beautiful sequined outfit with knee high silver boots to perform song “Happy“. Ja Rule and Ashanti played a great twenty five song setlist. The songs included hits like “Foolish“,”New York“,”Down 4 U”, ‘Baby” and ton more. They closed the show on stage together with song “Always on Time“. WOW what a fun night Ashanti’s vocals are amazing and Ja Rule’s Rap is killer.