IV Play at Buster’s Sports Bar and Grill on March 17th


IV Play made a stop at Buster’s Sports Bar and Grill in Mankato on March 17th to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!  I’ve been at their shows many times, both as the group and their individual performances, and I’m always entertained.  They put on a great show and they perform a wide range of songs from country, rock, rap, pop, and anything in between.  One of my favorite parts of their show is when Jeremy Poland and Lantz Dale go back and forth in a sort of rap battle!  There was quite the crowd at Buster’s to see the show, but they were slow to head up to the stage.  It wasn’t until toward the end of IV Play’s first set that they finally came up and started dancing.  Even though the crowd wasn’t right up front, I looked around and everyone was watching and singing along to the song IV Play was playing.  It was a nice way to spend St. Patrick’s Day!  You can see all my photos below!

Not a bad show for a Thursday night in Mankato!!  If you are in the area this weekend, there a lot of great shows at Buster’s and other venues this weekend, so be sure to check the Mankato Music Calendar to make your plans!

As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!