Interview With Ross Schulz: New Drummer For The Plott Hounds

Ross Schulz - The Plott Hounds

Things have been busy for Ross Schulz. Ross is the drummer and newest member of The Plott Hounds. After an impressive three days on road with back to back performances, I had a chance to carve out some time with Ross for a quick interview.

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After your inaugural weekend playing 3 shows back to back, how are you feeling?

Really good. Monday was certainly rough on the whole band, but a little rest has helped. I have to admit, my muscles were a little sore … but in a good way.


Has it really hit you that you are now part of a rising group that is well on their way to noted success?

It seems so ‘surreal’ and it hasn’t really hit home and sunk in. We as a band are certainly not far away and making successful strides. To be part of The Plott Hounds is more than I ever imagined.


In a short period of time, The Plott Hounds have gained quite a rep and fan following, what would you say is your primary focus in helping to maintain this?

Initially, my focus was to take a ‘fill in’ approach. Everyone in the band really gels and attention quickly changed to full production. As we grow together as a band, we are always looking for new transitions and taking new steps.


With the stage set for the group to go into the studio starting in April, are you feeling the pressure to perform and continue to excel?

I am really not feeling significant pressure since we all work very well together. I am not pushing it but there is certainly a style element that we working towards.


After seeing you with the band and hearing you perform, there definitely is a strong chemistry between all of you, how do you feel about the challenge thus far?

The best way to say it, I feel very prepared. Since I moved back to the area back in December 2013, I have been looking for the right opportunity to play drums and be part of a talented band. I have truly found it with The Plott Hounds.


With the previous drummer being there from pretty much the beginning, how is it stepping into some big shoes?

I feel very fortunate to step into shoes that were definitely established. I am so ready to raise the bar and go to the different levels. We as a group are ready to take on new horizons.


So just some fun fact questions:

  • Who was your biggest musical inspiration?   Elvis Presley, Ronnie Tutt, Teddy Campbell
  • What is your favorite time of year/season?  Fall since I am a huge football fan.
  • Finish this sentence .. ‘when I am not playing drums, I like to…’?  I love spending time with my niece and nephew.
  • What is your favorite food?  Prime Rib … definitely.


For The Plott Hound fans, what is the one message you would like to convey to them?

Thank you so much for supporting original music, sharing with friends, and spreading the word. Big things are on the horizon and The Plott Hounds will be there to deliver.


Ross is a great choice for The Plott Hounds and has integrated seamlessly into the band with a truly complementary approach and style. The Plott Hounds are on the road again this weekend with a performance at Kathy’s Pub in Rochester, MN. To find out more information about The Plott Hounds upcoming performances and up to date information, you can find them on the web at: