Interview with Crobot Frontman Brandon Yeagley


I had the chance to sit down with the frontman of CrobotBrandon Yeagley, before their performance at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis.

Crobot is a American Rock Band from Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Crobot consist of Brandon Yeagley (vocals), Jake Figueroa (bass), Paul Figueroa (drums), and Chris Bishop (guitar). Crobot has released three studio albums starting in 2012 with Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer. In 2014, the band released Something Supernatural. Their newest album, Welcome to Fat City, will be released on September 23, 2016.

Tell me a little about your new album being released next month Welcome to Fat City

Welcome to Fat City will be released 9/23/16 preorders are out now on iTunes. A special release on vinyl will also be available.

What does the tour schedule look like for the rest of 2016 for Crobot

This leg of the tour we are touring with Sevendust. We will be touring the Northern USA and into Canada ending August 20 in Columbia, Missouri.

So I’ve heard Crobot has expanded into creating your own beer.

The first beer is called Super Naturale is 11.2 double brown ale. We are in the process in making another beer with Double Barley Brewery more of a lighter beer possibly called Dadfish. Who knows we shall see.

Who brought up the idea for all of the band members to get Characters of each other tattooed on each other?

We all made a deal that some day when we get signed to a label we all would get tattoos of each other. Then all of a sudden we were signed and off we went for our crazy tattoos.

Who is the prankster on the bus?

NOBODY will prank. Everyone knows better and if they do they will be dealt with.

Crobot will be performing at Rock Allegiance Sunday 9/18 in Chester PA

Be sure to check out Crobot online at:

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