Interview with Country Artist Dan Davidson


Dan Davidson is a man from Alberta, Canada. He is a very down to earth guy, having answered the phone while hanging out with his 2 little daughters. Dan grew up with an appreciation for rock n roll music, but through the years he has found himself making country music. He calls his group a “5 man band with 10 people” he has been in the music industry for a decade plus having toured with many iconic bands such as Bon Jovi and Papa Roach. Dan is very music oriented having sub-written for many other artists out there he found his way into the country genre. He “appreciates the beauty of a great story and a great song with just an acoustic guitar and I think that’s the root of all the great songs that seem to really explode right now”.

How did you get involved with music?

Its been a long time comin, I’ve been doing music for about 13 years. I started in a rock band called Tupelo Honey and we had a lot of really cool success, we toured with bands like Bon Jovi, 3 days grace, Hinder and Papa Roach. We had a lot of really great radio success in Canada like the top 40, top 10 iTunes album. Which led me to a publishing deal and I started doing a lot of subwriting for a bunch of different genres. From there I started making a bunch of friends in the country world…

Where did you get all the costumes for the music video “Found”?

We literally had no budget and no idea what to do but the song started blowing up and I didnt plan on doing a video but I met with my director who’s kind of my branding guy and we do a lot of work together. We were sitting in the department like what can we do, I have maybe about a thousand bucks to do this video. So we went to this costume store, this theater garage that lets you rent costumes and we quickly sketched out a really crappy plot line on a napkin and just went and had fun…

You had a couple other people with you in the video, are those your band mates?

With my band I have about 10 guys in a 5 guy band, its kind of a revolving door. Some of these guys are unbelievable players, the purple dragon is the fiddle player and he’s the North American fiddle champion. He’s won all kind of country music awards, but yeah he figured he throw on a purple dragon costume and play some fiddle in a low budget Canadian country music video…

You said your band is a revolving door of members, how does that impact the creative process?

It’s kind of different now, with the rock band it certainly would have impacted the creative process hardcore because that was a group effort. But with this they are more just players for me. I do all the creative development on my own with various different co-writers and my producer…

As a country artist you must love whiskey, what’s your favorite kind?

I love Canadian whiskey, Wisers is a great whiskey I love.

What were some of your influences growing up?

I grew up loving rock music, bands like the Deftones. That allowed me to explore the more asymmetrical sides of how to create music, especially with guitar. Growing up in my house there was always music like Willie Nelson going on, the Eagles, Johnny Cash and Queen…

You can’t go wrong with a family man who has a good sense of humor and is very passionate about different genres of music. It was a joy to talk to Dan to see where some of his inspiration came from; along with the desire and work ethic to journey out and do his own thing with country music. It’s very admirable in today’s world amidst the difficulties some artists face in the music business. Keep an eye out for Dan Davidson coming into town, he’s not too far north of us. 

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