Injury Can’t Stop Marilyn Manson From Rocking The Myth Wednesday Night


Marilyn Manson is out touring touring in support of his latest release Heaven Upside Down and stopped by Myth Live on Wednesday night. Despite healing from broken bones due to an on stage accident, Manson was as powerful as ever and gave the sold out crowd their monies worth.

Full disclosure: We were only allowed to shoot one song, and as the photographers packed their gear, I was able to witness the second song from the merch area.

The room went dark around 9:15 and the crowd went bat shit wild. The curtain hiding the stage dropped, revealing a band bathed in pale purple. Manson sat like a king on a throne, seated before a huge automatic pistol. He was decked out in a black suit reminiscent of an undertaker, with ruby red lips and white face paint. Marilyn prowled around the stage with a cast on his right leg, convulsing wildly as he screamed out the opening tune “The Reflective God”. The band was hidden in a fog bank, allowing all eyes to focus on the Pale Emperor. During “Deep Six”, strobe lights flashed like lightening bolts that exposed a backdrop of graffiti riddled walls.

Manson and company were intense and ferocious. There weren’t any of the industrial back tracks that pepper studio recordings. This allowed the band to shine. Thundering drums and savage guitars brought new life to “ The Reflective God”. “Deep Six” was heavier than the studio versions, much less produced and polished as it sounds on Heaven Upside Down.

This wasn’t an ordinary concert. Costume changes by scrubs cladded assistants, large props and dazzling lights made for a dramatic production. The crowd was dressed to impress the Anti Christ Superstar, lots of long black leather jackets, slutty nurses and black lipstick, even on the dudes. Goth is alive and well. This was a safe space for freaks and weirdo’s.

Marilyn Manson is no longer the figure that strikes fear into the hearts of the masses, I heard someone say he is as scary as Sponge Bob, but he still puts on a hell of a rock show. Wednesday night  Myth Live was transformed into the island of misfit toys and was an ironic escape from the chaos and uncertainty of the frightening world outside.

Set List: 
The Reflecting God
Deep Six
This Is the New Shit
Disposable Teens
Revelation #12
The Dope ShowSweet Dreams
Tattooed in Reverse
The Nobodies
The Beautiful People