Ingrid Michaelson Lifts Up Fans At The Orpheum


One of my favorite things about downtown Minneapolis the concentration of music venues and the variety of live music that is happening on any given night. Walking 2 blocks from the Pantages to the Orpheum transformed the “serious” music fans at Frank Turner’s show to the party / singalong atmosphere of Ingrid Michaelson’s Dramatic tour.

I missed some of Maddie Poppe’s set thanks to overlapping set times (sorry, but it was Frank Turner after all) but the Orpheum was firmly in her grasp by the time I made it. No surprise there, being the winner of last year’s American Idol certainly proved she’s got the talent to capture a room. Poppe hails from Iowa and recalled how just 4 years ago she was in the very same venue, on the balcony,watching Ingrid Michaelson perform. I’ll be sure to catch her for the full set the next time she’s in town (sorry Frank)

Both of Ingrid Michaelson’s most recent albums had themes. There was 2018’s “Songs for the Season” and now there’s “Stranger Songs” inspired by her love for “Stranger Things”. Her set started with 3 songs from the new album that she described as “80’s influenced”. I had not had a chance to listen to her new music and quite enjoyed them. A bit more synthy and a touch darker they were right up my alley. A first invitation to the crowd to sing along fell a bit flat. Michaelson laughed it off, encouraging fans to do better.” I want to get to second base, let’s get under the sweater”.
Well “Be OK” was familiar to everyone in the audience to the point when the sweater actually came off 🙂 The power of Michaelson’s show is in everyone being able to join in as much as in her musical talent. Being able to sing along to songs you love appeals to many.
A 3 song “acoustic” set gave fans a chance to rest their vocal cords before the party resumed. I also enjoyed her covers, especially “The Neverending Story” a movie that has a special place in my heart.
What always impresses me about seeing Ingrid Michaelson live is, how she lifts up the spirit of everyone in the room. I doubt there was anyone who did not leave the Orpheum without a smile on their face and fewer worries on their mind. And that, by any measure, is pretty impressive.

Set List: Freak Show / Jealous / Missing You / Be OK / Best Friend / Christmas Lights / Time After Time / The Way I Am / Pretty
Solo: Can’t Help Falling in Love / Words / You And I
Light Me Up / Young and in Love / The NeverEnding Story / Girls Chase Boys
Encore: The Chain / Maybe / Everybody / Material Girl