Infected Mushroom Delivered With A Hypnotic Show At The Skyway Theater

The night started out pretty slow and calm. Skyway filled with an eager and eccentric crowd. They mused over the DJs playlist, the bass and the lights the covered the walls. After a few hours of hypnotic music the festivities began to pick up. The flow arts community showed up and what fun entertainment. Many people were spinning  poi, LED hula hoops and everything else in between. 
Around 12:15 the party started. Infected Mushroom took the stage and made an energetic and bold start of the night. They are currently on tour with the full 4-piece band. The light show, 4 giant jelly fish and amazing stage presence had everyone amped. Their set was filled with guitar solos, drum solos, amazing lights and psychedelic back graphics to keep the crowd entertained.  
Infected Mushroom aim to please and I was nothing less than impressed. The live band and talent of each musician showed that night as they reconstructed each song old and new. Skyway Theatre was without a doubt jumping Friday night.