Ike Reilly Assassination at First Avenue – 11/25/2015


The night before Thanksgiving we had a chance to stock up on our Rock’n Roll vibe before facing relatives with no cool at all. The Ike Reilly Assassination headed for First Avenue.

Illinois’ Ike Reilly has 2 decades of music under his belt as a singer-songwriter or with his band. He released his current album “Born on Fire” this summer. The band took the stage behind the curtain and was ready to rock as it rose. Opening with “Am I still the One” Reilly set the mood for the evening. No Nonsense Rock. This show was about the music period. Lights were good without being flashy. His set list was heavy on his new album but included many of his classic songs. He also played a couple of songs acoustic. The crowd was distinctively male with many beers raised, shouts of “Yeah!” and sing alongs to the music. Overall a very enjoyable, uncomplicated evening.

Set List:
Am I still the One
Duty Free
Fish Plant
Boad Song
2 Weeks a Work
Hanging Around
Good Work
Job like that
Born on Fire
Black Kat
Hip Hop
Underneath the Moon
Holiday in NY
Put a little Love

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