Iconic Pretenders Will Play The State Theatre July 16


The Pretenders are coming to the State Theatre on 7/16. Tickets are available HERE

Merriam Webster defines Iconic in this manner:

1of, relating to, or having the characteristics of an icon

2a widely recognized and well-established 

  • an iconic brand name

b widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence 

  • an iconic writer
  • a region’s iconic wines

Chrissie Hynde’s band The Pretenders certainly fits the definition.  They play The State Theatre at 8pm, Monday July 16. 

Part of the original 70’s Punk movement led by London impresario and designer Malcolm McLaren (who gave us the Sex Pistols and New York Dolls), Akron,Ohio born Hynde has been a fixture from the beginning.  Unlike the rest of that first wave, she not only survived but has remained vibrant and true to her rock roots.  The band’s contributions to a world wide fan base resulted in their induction into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2005.

Beginning with their 1980 self titled debut they rocketed to #1 on the UK charts with Brass In Pocket.  The song also made it to #14 in the US.  The album also produced a hit in their Nick Lowe produced Kinks’ cover Stop Your Sobbin’.  That first album can be found on Greatest Album lists of both Rolling Stone and VH1.

Pretenders II cemented the band’s reputation with tracks like The Adultress, Bad Boys Get Spanked and The English Roses.  Eleven albums later Chrissie Hynde is still going strong; producing ragged guitar driven rock and roll underpinning one of the most recognized voices in music.

The hits kept coming:  Back On The Chain Gang, Don’t Get Me Wrong, My Baby and Middle of The Road.

Hynde’s impact on the popular music scene cannot be limited to just her music.  In many respects, every female rocker who wanted to be treated simply as a rocker instead of a “girl” fronting a band owe a huge debt of gratitude to Patti Smith and Chrissie Hynde.  They took their assertiveness for granted.  They demanded their due based on the quality of their art, not an image.

Sometimes we go to shows to see our icons.  In many cases, we are simply checking off another band on our bucket list.  With The Pretenders, not much has changed.  It’s anything but a passive experience.  After eleven albums and a slew of Hynde solo and side projects, they continue to rock hard and to produce meaningful new music.  Chrissie Hynde remains a rock and roll legend in an ageless prime.