Horseshoes & Hand Grenades @ First Avenue 4/11/15


Article by: Colton Davis Photos by: Markus Akre

Horseshoes and Handgrenades  brought  down an old country road for their flavor of classic bluegrass that made flower-adorned dresses twirl gracefully. The Wisconsinites huddled around and shared one mic like a group of good ol’ boys trying to make it big on the local radio station. Although none of us lived in that era, we borrowed memories of a family collecting around a radio for old-fashioned entertainment.

The bearded group took turns leaning in to the mic to let their instrument be heard. Other groups would find this setup difficult, but they had an awareness about each other that only friends can share. With every member having written at least one song on the upcoming album we saw great variety and range.  The band changed it up with slow jams that conjured images of a romantic late night rendezvous under the stars. It was a set of full of nostalgia and kindness that conjured up a good mood.

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