Hook And Ladder Hits A Homerun. Davy Knowles Coming To Town.



Guitar powerhouse Davy Knowles appears at The Hook and Ladder February 5th.  Tickets and details can be found HERE.

This one is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Davy exploded onto the scene with his debut album, produced by the legendary Peter Frampton.  Frampton recognized a generational talent in the teenager from the Isle of Mann way back in 2009.  Knowles first trip to the Twin Cities was as the support slot for the Chickenfoot US tour (the project comprised of Joe Satriani, Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Pepper and Van Halen’s Sammie Hagar and Michael Anthony).  I was there.  He kicked their butts.

I think the best way to describe Knowles is that he’s an old soul inhabiting a young man.  He deftly walks a line between rock and blues, drawing as much from Muddy Waters as Neil Young.  Now based out of Chicago, he has toured relentlessly over the past decade.  He’s got that roadworn sheen that only comes from following in the footsteps of the greats that shaped him.

Knowles is touring the brand new album What Comes Next which just dropped in December.  The album marks his 4th solo effort and shows a wider range than previous efforts which focused more on his fretwork.  What Comes Next is an evolution that focuses a bit more on the songwriting side of the ledger.  Now on the back side of 30, his life experiences have broadened his horizons. But don’t be mislead. Davy’s songs take on a whole new level of fire when he hits the stage.  This is the epitome of a live performer.

I try to be objective when I cover artists coming to town.  That’s really hard to do with Davy Knowles because this guy is special.  Don’t take my word for it.  Satriani called him his favorite modern bluesman.  With guys like Gary Clarke, Jr tearing up the blues scene, that’s high praise from somebody who knows.  Frampton claimed he was the guitar gunslinger of the 21st century.

Every now and then music fans get an opportunity to see somebody great in an intimate venue.  The Hook is really good at providing those opportunities.  You’ve got your shots.  You’ve got your mask.  Cabin fever weighs heavy.  Do yourself a favor; call a friend and get to The Hook on February 5.  You’ll walk out with some new energy.  Not to mention a new favorite artist.