Homewrecker Heats Up The Terminal Bar in Minneapolis


It’s no joke, it gets cold in the winter time in Minneapolis. However, I believe the cold temps are really expected at this point, as it is December. So for this chilly Friday night, I decided to head to the Terminal Bar to catch Homewrecker. Due to my late start, I realized when I arrived that I missed the first two bands. My apologies to Rad Enhancer and Living Through Ghosts, but I look forward to catching you at another performance. As I filed in the door at the Terminal Bar, a nice sized crowd was already present. I quickly got settled and prepared for the next band.

Phobophilic hit the stage and got my evening rolling forward. Death and Doom Metal was the name of the game, and Phobophilic hit it right on the head. These guys played extremely heavy and rocked it hard and showed the crowd what Metal from Frago, ND sounds like. The crowd eat it up.

Mutilatred was up next. These guys picked up where, Phobophilic left off. Serious energy with a extremely hard driving sound. They hit it extremely hard and mastered their set. Mutilatred sound is definitely death metal at the core with solid elements of traditional metal that could trace back to the thrash metal recordings back in the 90’s. Vocals were awesome with pure guttural grunts, while the guitar, bass, and drums tone carried sound nastier and dirtier than Lake Erie.

Headlining the evening was Homewrecker. Direct out of Ashtabula, Ohio, Homewrecker lit up the stage and carried forward with a brutal set. The music quickly had some in the crowd moving about as their rage meter increased. Their delivery was extremely tight and hooked everyone in with head bangs and the riffs that smashed against that part of your brain makes you a metalhead. There’s also something to be said for the vocalist being the drummer. Accenting vocals to coincide with snare hits and thundering drum parts gives a typical growl a lot more conviction. Very impressive and solid to the core.

As I left, I certainly felt as though the weekend got off to a great start with the Terminal Bar heating up Friday Night.