Hunny and Hockey Dad Bring The Party To Nearly Sold Out Entry


While most of the Twin Cities was bracing for the impact of another extreme drop in temperature and the threat of a sizeable amount of snow, the youths of the cities made their way through icy streets and to The 7th Street Entry. Should I have spent the night grocery shopping so I don’t have to live off of ramen and frozen pizza the next couple of days? Probably but I like to try and stay young and do what the youth do. Just kidding, but I couldn’t say no to a show.

Kicking the night off was local group Heart to Gold. Although I had just seen these guys a couple of weeks again, I was super excited to be able to catch them again. When I watched them open for Author last month, I was instantly struck by their youthful sound but mature demeanor, last night was no different. Their angst-ridden almost pop-punk garage band sound boomed through the venue helping the nearly sold out audience forget how cold it was outside and only think about how great it was to be at a show. They were honestly the most perfect band to kick off this show and clearly left a lasting impression with the three touring acts. Everyone thanked them and made a comment about the talent in this group. With so many bands in the local scene, Heart to Gold is one of those acts that is truly making the Twin Cities proud. I know I won’t be able to catch them every month like I did last month and then last night but I sure am going to try. Seeing them isn’t going to get old and I can’t wait to see them grow.


San Francisco based Pllush was up next and brought the mood down a wee bit from a party-like atmosphere to a bit more chill and calming zone. Even with a new found sense of calm that took over the intimate venue, there was an undeniable sense of energy as the band powered through their quick opening set. Their dream-like pop songs were sensitive but still had an almost bouncy feel to them that made it impossible to not tap your toes along to the infectious beat. With a couple more upbeat dance-party like songs mixed into the zen like dreamscape that their music created, their set seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye. Their music stood out from the show last night. In a bill full of up-beat dance numbers, Pllush wan’t afraid to stick to their guns and create musical dreamscapes that the entire crowd could get lost in. To say that was refreshing would be an understatement.

Hunny was up next and took the stage to a roar of applause from the packed young crowd. Full disclosure, I have seen Hunny before and I honestly wasn’t that impressed. It’s not that it wasn’t good but I was just kind of bored and not really excited by what they were doing. Either that day was just a super bad day for me or something was off with them because from the moment they took the stage on Monday night and until the final note was left hanging in the air, I was lost in a world of excitement and fun. Their California vibes were exactly what us Minnesotans needed before being plunged into the snowy wonderland that today is quickly turning into. Their electric energy had the entire audience jumping up and down all with giant smiles that stretched across their faces. There really aren’t many words to describe a set like what Hunny gave me last night other than fun and light-hearted. For the forty-five minutes that they were on stage, that was all that mattered. Not the fact that rent had drained my bank account or that snow and freezing were were on the way and would inevitably make the next couple of days hell– nothing mattered and that’s what mattered the most. Hunny is one of those bands that I could have so easily written off after I wasn’t impressed the first time I saw them. Thankfully, everyone gets a couple hundred chances with me and I’m officially sold on this up and coming band and truly can’t wait to see how far they get.

Australian surf-rockers Hockey Dad closed out the already electric night with their unique yet infectious brand of music. Their third time to Minneapolis, I’ve been fortunate enough to have caught them every time and truly love watching them grow so quickly. The first time I caught them, although I loved every moment of their set, it was clear that the duo just hadn’t reached their stride yet when it came to the Twin Cities. It’s not that people didn’t enjoy their set more that it didn’t seem like it stuck. The second time I saw them it started to change and I started to notice a couple of people in the audience singing along to their words and bouncing around to the beat. Fast forward to last night and I was lost in a nearly sold out crowd where almost everyone was screaming along to every word and taking part in a small push-pit that had opened up. Moments like that are the reason I go back and see the same band time and time again. It warms my heart and also gives me a sense of pride knowing that I called it from the start and knew that these guys were going to be a thing.

With Billy Fleming behind the drum kit and Zach Stephenson behind the microphone and guitar, the duo had the audience truly captivated throughout their set. Much like the set from Hunny, Hockey Dad’s music made you forget about anything else going on in your life and made you more than happy to be where you were with who you were with even if you were alone. The parents in back near where I was standing (because apparently I hang out in parent sections now) were even getting into it. I joked with them about joining in the fun going down right in front of the stage and although none of them took me up on it, you could tell that they were loving the atmosphere, the music, and everything else.

So maybe my diet will be consisting of ramen, frozen pizza, and anything else I can scrounge up at my apartment because the idea of getting stuck in snowy and slick traffic due to having to stop at the store after work just doesn’t seem like fun but it was all worth it. Last night may have been a sleepy Monday night for most but it definitely felt like a party to me.