Hinds Sells Out 7th Street Entry And Showers Crowd With Love (And Champagne)


The weather is getting nicer and nicer up here in the Twin Cities. Apparently we completely skipped over spring and went straight to summer but the 80 degree weather and the sun in my face has me feeling all of the good summer vibes. As amazing as it is, the weather is making it harder and harder for me to peel myself from patios and friends’ stoops and get to a show. It’s hard to justify spending a beautiful night in a dark venue when it’s so nice and sunny out but then shows like Hinds last night happen and I’m reminded that, even though it’s nice outside, it’s even nicer in the venues that I call home.

As soon as opening act Tights took the stage, I felt the excitement stirring up inside of me. I instantly recognized the guitarist as Stephanie Jo Murck from Tony Peachka and Scrunchies (other local bands) and I was super excited to hear what this new project would be like. A new project to the already booming local music scene, Tights took the stage with a sense of innocent power and fun. All four members had some of the biggest grins I’ve ever seen. The way the vocalist sang through the grin seemed to give the music a very happy-go-lucky vibe. Well, it was either her infectious smile or the infectious tunes booming out of the speakers. Their set was short and sweet and, although I could clearly hear some bits and pieces that reminded me of Tony Peachka, it was clear that Tights is a new project and we can expect big things out of this group.

After a quick set changeover, it was time for Toronto based Goodbye Honolulu. Standing out from the other two bands on the bill due to the fact that it was all dudes, Goodbye Honolulu wasted no time and jumped right into an extremely fun and upbeat set that had the sold out crowd moving around with smiles on their faces. Goodbye Honolulu’s music isn’t pop, it isn’t punk, and it isn’t pop-punk but it lands in a world somewhere in-between all of those. Their debut album came out in 2016 and they released a sophomore album last year but I would definitely still consider these guys a rising start type of band. They haven’t quite gotten the notoriety that they deserve at this point but they definitely have a foundation that was made clear by the fact that some of the crowd was singing along to every word.

The energy in the sold out 7th Street Entry was electric as Madrid based group Hinds took the stage. The four females took the stage with clearly bubbly personalities that perfectly matched the danceable and infectious music that quickly took over the sold out venue. With a sense of fun and light-heartedness (and banter back and forth in Spanish and adorably broken English) while still keeping a sense of power, Hinds blasted through their set and, when it was said and done, I was left wanting so much more. It was one of those shows where even if you had never heard of Hinds prior to walking into the show, you were instantly in love and claiming them as one of your favorites. Each member had a personality that made you feel like you were watching your best friends but as they kicked into their music, you were quickly reminded that these girls were more than just the friends that you could get drinks with– they are rockstars.

Hinds’ set ended with a bang. The members of Goodbye Honolulu joined the girls on stage creating a very party-like atmosphere. Sure, the popping of the champagne and the pouring of it on the crowd definitely added to the party vibe but it was so much more than that. It was the genuine smiles on the musician’s faces and the way they were mirrored in the faces of the crowd. It was the way the entire crowd was jumping up and down in unison while still looking like a complete sweaty mess. It was the way people were sloshing their drinks everywhere but didn’t seem to care. The ending of Wednesday night’s set was one of those perfect endings that you see in the movies only this time I was in the middle of it surrounded by strangers. There are no words for moments like that.

With only two full length albums and a spattering of singles, splits and other various releases, Hinds could be considered a fairly new band if it weren’t for the world tours and all of the buzz about them. For being a younger band, Hinds has clearly taken the world by storm and there seems to be no stopping them. It was absolutely amazing to see such a powerful group in such an intimate space but  next time they come to town they will definitely be in a bigger venue (main room perhaps?!). Last night was one of those exquisite nights where I got to catch a band that’s truly on the up and up and realized just how special it was.