Highasakite packs the stage at the Entry


It happened again……. I walked into a venue clueless and walked out loving the band. This time it was Norway’s Highasakite whose tour to promote their new album “Camp Echo” was at the Entry yesterday.

Highasakite is used to playing much larger stages, but somehow they managed to pack much of their lights on the tiny stage in the Entry. That made for quite the atmosphere but limited movement by singer Ingrid Helene Håvik. She did not seem to mind and “really explored the space”. A couple of bars into “Liar” I knew I was in for something special. They are synth heavy but rock, vocals are esoteric without being sleepy, there is an almost symphonic feel to their music. “Chernobyl” would be a perfect soundtrack for a movie scene flying over majestic mountains.
Fans were clearly familiar with Highasakite and were singing along. And I got to add a new instrument to the unusual ones I have seen at rock shows: A Fluegelhorn. It’s soft sound worked quite well. Overall another great show at the Entry. As the set finished up and I put away my notepad I finally thought of a way to describe them: If Enya would be more rock’n roll and actually be cool. That’s Highasakite in a nutshell.
Set List: Intro / Liar / Bad Neighbourhood / Hiroshima / Leaving no Traces / Chernobyl / Overgang / Someone who’ll get it / Heavenly Father / F-moll Overgang / Samurai Swords / Deep sea diver / Keep that Letter safe / God don’t leave Me / I am my own Disease / Since Last Wednesday / Lover