Happy Holidays From TCM And Some Great Minnesota Holiday Music


To all our readers Season’s Greetings. Here are some local Holiday gems that found their way into our inbox

Here is a brand new cover of Vince Guaraldi’s timeless “Christmas Time Is Here” from Electro alt-pop duo Grayshot. The Minneapolis based band features a pair of six and a half foot tall brothers, Christian and Aaron Ankrum, who have been writing, performing and recording together since they were young teens growing up in Fargo, ND.


“Christmas Dream” is the first official release of The Minor Fall. They stumbled upon this Christmas tune by Webber/Rice, originally recorded by Perry Como. It was quickly realized that the very reason this was never a huge Christmas hit is precisely why it should be heard today. Lyrics such as; “Every year I dream it, hoping things will change. An end to the crying, the shouting, the dying..” is a tribute to the shared feeling of humanity in these dark days. Where the Como version is masked behind an over-the-top polka, The Minor Fall put the darkness of the lyric in the forefront aided by the chime of the bouzouki and abundance of reverb.


Minneapolis native Julia Christi Ann is a singer-songwriter with roots in classic country and Americana folk, with a splash of blues for good measure. Julia was born and raised in Northeast, and after spending a couple of years in Kansas City, she returned to Minneapolis to pursue a music therapy degree at the University of Minnesota. Fast forward a couple of years, and she is now a board-certified music therapist by day, where she works with hospice patients in end-of-life care. Julia’s soulful voice haunts and inspires her audience, taking them on a journey through her own experiences of grief and loss. These are central themes in her upcoming studio work, where she poignantly puts words to personal sorrow while demonstrating the buoyancy of the human spirit.