Halestorm Gets Heavy In Rochester at the Mayo Civic Center


If you were in the Rochester, MN area or were willing to make a drive there on Tuesday, September 26th, you were treated to a wonderful performance by Halestorm at the Mayo Civic Center!  There was quite a buzz about this show from the people I follow on social media, so it was no surprise that half an hour after the doors opened there was still a steady stream of people filling into the venue.  I got there with just enough time to set up and get ready for the show, but looking around I could see that everyone was excited for the show to start.

New Years Day went on first and surprised me with the amount of energy they had right from the start!  The five piece was headbanging and jumping all over the stage, even laying down on it at times while playing.  There was a riser with a metal bar on it at center stage that the lead singer would get up and grab onto while headbanging between song lyrics.  There was a good amount of crowd interaction as well.  It was requested that the audience keep their hands up displaying their horns for the entire last song and the singer kept asking for more screams from the crowd the entire set.  New Years Day started this show out fast and loud!

Next up was a band I was looking forward to seeing again, Starset.  I’ve caught them numerous times in outdoor venues, but the true experience is seeing them indoors or at night.  While the dark lighting makes photos a little tricky, with a little patience the few that I did get turned out really cool.  Starset started out really strong and played a mix of songs from their new album as well as the previous.  However, during the beginning of the 4th or 5th song, they started experiencing some pretty bad technical difficulties.  The intro of a song would start and then it seemed power would go out on stage for some of the equipment.  They would have to wait for everything to start back up and kept trying, but eventually the singer had to come out and apologize as they were out of time.  It was a little disheartening to see that happen, but the band promised to come back and make it up to everyone in the future.  I’m looking forward to when they do!

 When the lights went down a third time for Halestorm, it was clear that the now packed venue was ready for their show.  The entire place erupted into cheers as the band members took the stage, and the sound level went up to well over 10 when Halestorm started playing.  I had forgotten how powerful Lzzy’s voice was, and she kept it going the entire show.  She even sang to the audience instead of talking between songs.  Starting out strong with “It’s Not You” and “Love Bites (So Do I)”, Halestorm set the pace for the start of the show early on with no signs of slowing down.  It wasn’t until a little over half way through their set that the pace slowed during “Dear Daughter” as Lzzy pulled out the piano that fans know and love to see.  Soon after the pace went back up for “I Like It Heavy”, and it stayed heavy through to the end of the set.  Of course, Arejay had to do his mid-show drum solo and even tried out some tiny drum sticks before tossing them away for the huge sticks!  Halestorm certainly gave Rochester the rock show they were looking for!



Super Intro

It’s Not You

Love Bites

Still of the Night, (Whitesnake Cover)



Freak Like Me

I Get Off



The Rose, (Bette Midler Cover)

Dear Daughter

I Like It Heavy

I Am The Fire

Here’s To Us




After the show, there were distinct lines of people waiting to see each of the bands.  New Years Day was out taking photos and talking with everyone already and I heard that Starset made an appearance to sign some merch as well, but I was already out at that point.  It certainly seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves and I can’t wait to see all of the three bands again soon!

As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!