Hairball Packs Myth Live


It was cold outside, but the Myth was sizzling inside Saturday night with Hairball and 2 local bands. I arrived at the Myth 30 minutes early and the parking lot was already bulging and inside the venue had a lot more people than I expected so early before the show started.

The first band was a local band – Hoodlum Johnny. I had not heard them before, but heard good things about them and was curious to see them live. They did not disappoint. The trio sounded like a much larger band. They were high energy and rocked the Myth. It was obvious the crowd liked Hoodlum Johnny as did I and the set seemed to end too soon. I was surprised the drums lasted through their set, as the drummer attacked the drums with sticks flying and they appeared to break several times. He must have brought along a case of sticks, in addition to the broken ones, he also threw drum sticks into the crowd.

The second band was Fookey, another local MN band. Fookey is the Chris Hawkey Band along with Mark Parrish (ex MN Wild player) and Pete Bercich (ex Vikings player). Fookey is another band that I have heard a lot about but not seen. They are a Heavy Metal band that primarily plays covers and just plain kicked ass Saturday night. They put on a great show and I would love to see them again. Chris Hawkey was very entertaining, as was the rest of the band as they jumped and posed throughout the set. They were a photographer’s dream, mugging for the camera and didn’t just stand in place playing their instruments. Fookey is a must see and I can’t wait to see them and hope to shoot them again in the future.

Hairball took the stage at 9:30 and it was nonstop rock from the start. I grew up in the Hairball era, so was curious to experience them. By the time Hairball started, the Myth was packed and getting around was difficult. I expected an older crowd and was surprised with how many younger people were in the crowd. A lot of them with Big Hair, although I suspect most were wigs. Hairball is primarily about the costumes, makeup and pyrotechnics, but I was really impressed with the band backing up the main entertainers.

It was a great night of rock and roll and the audience sang along with most of the songs.  It was also a great trip down memory lane and a great history of rock.  I highly recommend seeing all three bands for anyone that enjoys rock and roll.