Gus Dapperton Brought Major Indie Vibes To The Fine Line


A crowd of indie people showed up dressed to impress at Gus Dapperton’s show at the Fine Line on Monday. 

First on was NYC group, Michelle, who performed for the first time on tour with Gus Dapperton as well as in Minneapolis. Their pop/R&B sound got the crowd dancing and swaying along, as well as many cheers for each of their four vocalists. The crowd was excited to hear them play songs including Syncopate and Mess You Made and they were excited to play for the crowd who they labeled “indie.” Throughout their set, each of the six members took turns talking to the crowd, introducing themselves, and getting everyone ready for Gus.

Finally it was time, the lights went low and the background music stopped. The band stepped onto the stage with Gus coming on last. The crowd was screaming and cheering, the energy flowing through the room. With his synthy sounds and dance worthy guitar riffs, the crowd had no trouble dancing along the whole night. He played hits including “Prune, You Talk Funny,” “I’m On Fire,” and “Palms (with Channel Tres).” Early into the set he asked the crowd if they were ready to dance, which was met with a great amount of applause. Gus later on asked the crowd if they had been to his last Minnesota show at Loring Pasta Bar in 2018, which many people responded to with cheers and raised hands. 

The whole night was filled with dancing, good vibes, and a show full of wonderfully crafted music that can bring people together. Hopefully Gus Dapperton will be bringing Minneapolis fans together again soon.