Guggenz, Big Wild & Big Gigantic partied at the Myth 10/28


Guggenz, Big Wild and Big Gigantic partied hard at the Myth Saturday evening. The Onesie contest and pre halloween party was in full swing. The fans arrived late to catch their favorite EDM Dj’s.

 The night started off with Minnesota DJ Guggenz playing beats for the costumed fans. Guggenz set was thirty five minutes. He had the early fans popping and grooving to beats. It was very hard to see who DJ Guggenz was due to only being one backlite spotlight. He did a great job of entertaining fans.

Big Wild was next up. Jackson aka “Big Wild” was dressed in a lion onesie. This Los Angeles based DJ could absolutely ROCK the lion onesie. Jackson played the beats and danced for fans. The crowd loved his beats with mixing of him whistling. Big Wild played a forty five minute set. The fans were having the time of their lives. The energy and performance of Big Wild was outstanding.

The crowd was going onesie crazy waiting for Big Gigantic. The Lights went low and the crowd went nuts for Big Gigantic. I saw from across the venue a large Sonic the Hedgehog costume busting a groove to the opening beats of Big Gigantic. The Colorado based duo pounded the saxophone and played the beats. The drummer was dressed in a Giraffe onesie. I have never seen in all of my years as a photographer a giraffe playing the drums. The fans loved the killer vibe and stage energy as Big Gigantic had.