Grayshot Release “Misinformation” And Crooked Colours Make Us Dance Weird At The Entry


Sometimes I can’t help feeling that Minneapolis is full of cool bands that have been around for years deliberately hiding from me. Case in point – Grayshot. The trio released their first album way back in 2012, their video for “I Break My Heart” has over 1.2 million Youtube views. And I knew…………nothing.

That all changed a couple of weeks ago when their PR rep reached out to me with their new video “Misinformation”. My interest level went from “Yawn, yet another music video from a band I don’t know” to “Holy Crap, this is cool music” in 20 seconds flat. As the video was still under embargo (not to be shared), not telling everyone about it became challenging. Needless to say, I was at their single release show at the Entry on Tuesday night. Oh, and Crooked Colours was headlining.

Thanks to another gig running long, I only caught the tail end of Devata Daun’s opening set. As always her music got the crowd in the mood quickly.

I’m a bit weird when it comes to bands that are new to me. I don’t listen to their music prior to a show. I enjoy being “surprised”. So I found myself with a wide grin on my face just a few bars into Grayshot’s opening song (The setlist said “Everything”, haven’t been able to find a song by that name, so maybe it’s from the upcoming album they mentioned.). I wrote “love the bass line) on my notepad. Vocally they remind me of Semisonic but their music is more upbeat and has more layers, lots of layers for just 3 guys being on stage.

Their introduction: “We’re from here, about a mile that way).

Some of their songs had ambient/dreamy undertones but for me it always came back to those bass lines…….. “Misinformation” was well received by fans. Their last song “Left Foot, Right Foot” became my favorite.

Normally I would say, “keep your eyes open for this new band” but in this case it would be more like “Look around, there are very cool bands out there doing their thing”.

Set List: Everything / Aerial / Opposites / Echo / Anthro / Shine / Ordinary / Misinformation / Far From Me / Left Foot

Aussie trio Crooked Colours released their debut album “Vera” last year after being cooped up in a studio for 18 months. Their set started with a drone intro that signaled the smokers outside the entry to finish and come back inside.

This was their first show in Minneapolis and they drew a good sized crowd with their “weirdly danceable” music.

Set List: Plymouth / Come Down / Capricious / Vera / Show Me / Come Back To You / Suga Suga / All Eyes / Do It Like You / I Hope You Get It / I’ll Be There / Flow / Perfect Run