Grace Potter at the State Theater 10/22/2015


Last night’s Grace Potter show at the Historic Stage was a tad smaller in scale then her last time in town opening for the Rolling Stones at TCF stadium. She must have left quite the impression as the venue seemed sold out.

Rayland Baxter an alt-country, Americana musician started the evening. I enjoyed his set and judging by the standing ovation at the end so did many in the audience.

After over a decade with her band the Nocturnals, Grace Potter choose to embark solo on her current album “Midnight” and while keeping her blues-rock roots plays with pop, funk and other genres. She took the stage to the sounds of clock gears and Big Ben (currently undergoing multi million dollar renovations) and lit of a fast paced barrage of songs that pulled in the crowd. Backed the 2 drum sets (Adam Ant flashbacks anyone?) and a tight band, that actually includes a couple Nocturnal members, and a great set of stage lights she turned the State Theater nearby First Avenue and let people forget that there were actual seats in the house.

Her set showed of her skills as multi instrumentalist and also highlighted her impressive vocal skills switching between rock songs, slower ballads and a country influenced piece. Overall this was a great concert showing that Grace Potter’s new direction works for both her old and new fans.

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