Good Old War Circles Up at The Entry


Having two shows at The Entry in one week was fabulous – talk about luck. Both styles of music different from the other I definitely got my fill this time around. Before the show started we had to grab some food from The Depot, and scrambled to get over there. Upon walking I noticed that there was a pretty good crowd eagerly waiting for the night to begin. This time I decided to change it up, and stand on the floor as I suspected some dancing would happen at some point in the night.

England born and raised, River Matthews, began the night at 7:30 p.m. filling the room with his soothing voice. During his set River Matthews shared songs from his album, “Imogen”, that was released in February of this year. With a mix of his talent, and indie/alternative music listeners could tell that he is truly passionate about what he does. Justin Nozuka came on stage with band mates around 8:30 p.m. to carry on the night. Throughout his time on stage he played an assortment of songs from his three albums released in previous years some of them being, “All I Need”, “Swan in the Water”, and “All Night”. Taking the night away around 9:30 p.m. Good Old War made their appearance making the evening an all-around enjoyable one. They are currently on tour supporting their recent EP release, “Part of Me” that appeared in September. I recently discovered Good Old War, and was pretty excited I had the opportunity to see them. Their energy and talent made them fun to watch, and they really encouraged crowd participation. Throughout their set they played songs both new and old some of which being, “Amazing Eyes”, “Part of Me”, and “Tell Me What You Want from Me”. At the conclusion of their evening they came down on the floor having everyone circle around them. At this point they played a short acoustic set to cap off the night with songs like “Oak Tree”. This was an amazing, and unique experience as everyone around me seemed to harmonize. It felt similar to singing around a campfire with friends in the summer. Their performance was something incredible, and I’ll definitely be seeing them when they come through MPLS again. Until next time guys.

Overall Experience: This was a very fun night. I enjoyed the crowd participation, and how personable all of these artists were. They were all very friendly, and approachable. There was a lot of talent in the room tonight, and you could tell that everyone was thoroughly enjoying it.

Venue: As I’ve mentioned before, I really enjoy this venue. I think that this was a good choice for this show because it created an intimate atmosphere for concert goers. When artists played acoustic the small space made them easier to hear, and felt like you were almost right next to them.

Attendance: I was impressed with the attendance for this show as each artist seems to have a pretty solid following. It always surprises me when weeknight shows are busy, but anyone is going to choose to have a late night if it’s an artist they really enjoy. I can promise this was the case Thursday night; the crowd was very welcoming and happy.