Good Feels with Gryffin at Fine Line


Left Brain – Hey Andrew, want to go to an EDM concert stone cold sober and listen to some DJs?

Right Brain – Uhhh…

Left Brain – Ok cool you’re going.

I think that’s what my inner narrative was thinking at the time of taking taking this show and adding it to my schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I love the music, the light shows, the good vibes the crowds often bring with. But when a well rested and clear minded Andrew is asked do you wanna go review a show steeped in mind alteration and sensory overload he wants to say no I’ll stay here with my blankets and old movies please go away. But despite that norm I decided to sign on for a few EDM Djs and this was the first of the bunch. I regret nothing just 24 hours later.

Kicking the party off was a DJ I had not heard of myself but my friends had said I may enjoy and had a more laid back vibe. Ayokay was definitely a much more laid back set than I had expected but in the word of Barney Stinson it should be all rise. I guess that was the theme for the evening?. Ayokay has a couple big hits including Kings of Summer. Which he was more than obligated to play, at least for those of us who were in the dark with the rest of his music. Ayokay is a great style to throw on when you want something a little less fist pumping. Too Young is a solid track and adds some nice vocals to the mix. I wasn’t blown away by anything in this opening set but will say it was nothing I expected having heard Gryffin and some of Autograph previously. And I enjoyed it for that. Great background jams and nothing that will knock photos off the walls. Consider Ayokay a solid chill out Saturday choice and take it easy, however you wish.

Next up was Autograf. For the entire time I spent listening to Ayokay I could not figure out how I knew the name. No, not because it’s a common noun or verb. But I swore it was on my playlists at some point. Turns out I was wrong. But, I had heard them before and I did at one point listen to more of what some call “Ambient Chill”. I personally hate that genre name but I guess it fits because you can be completely lost in the pulses, wave like loops, and 80s esque sound and then the next track be casually chatting with your concert neighbor over drinks. Autograf has a great balance of catchy sing along fed jams with almost relaxing wave like tracks. Nothing that will fry your senses before a headliner and nothing you will be hoping to the gods the set ends soon because of. Adding some tracks to my playlists for sure. Namely; Simple, You Might Be, and Dream.

Also, a shout out to the girl dancing with all manner of glowing toy I could imagine. You were the real crowd MVP during this concert. Well done.

By this time in the night Fine Line had filled to capacity, and I swear I only looked down during the intermission for a moment. Ok, fine, I was on Golf Clash and didn’t look up except while the merch table asked me to watch things for a moment. Moving along. The crowd was ready for things to get rolling by the time the sound checks were done. And then jumped the man of the hour onto stage, I’m not sure he ever stop dancing or jumping actually. Props to you sir, I would get exhausted by the sheer amount of jumps you did in those first few songs.

I couldn’t write about this show without making some comments about the light show. Yes, it is an EDM show so you are going to get some lights because it’s about the visuals and stimulation. But it needs to be recognized because Fine Line isn’t a place I would peg for a good light show. Gryffin brought a solid setup with him. And you can see from the images of that night that lights were silhouetting and active from every angle. I found while moving from first and second floor that no matter where I positioned myself I was met with beams at one point or another. Clearly this light show was going to leave no member of the audience out. 

Maybe a sign of my “age” relative the rest of the crowd but the remix of M83 during Gryffin’s set was probably one of my favorites. A little Art of Flight is always good and the transition back to some of Gryffin’s own songs was smooth. Among the big ones of the were Youth, Whole Heart, and Feel Good. He brought out some new ideas with a track that I couldn’t hear the name of but the best I can describe it as was a similar vibe to Feel Good. Pop like vocals and a jump around beat you couldn’t help but feel a little uplifted by. All together I gotta say Fine Line turned out to be a good venue for the most recent EDM show I have seen. And Gryffin live is worth consideration, there is a good mix of “old” covers and his own new mixes that the crowd should find something they all like in the night.