Go96.3MN New music showcase – Grace Mitchell, The Wild Wild, and Holidae at the Skyway – 6/8/2016 (Preview)


When Radio Station Go96.3 MN talks about hosting a new music showcase they don’t mess around! Wednesday evening will see 3 great fresh bands at the Skyway. Portland’s Grace Mitchell, California’s The Wild Wild and Minneapolis’ own Holidae. Tickets are still available HERE

Signed by Republic records at age 18, Grace Mitchell released her EP “Race Day” last fall. TCM covered her at the Triple Rock opening for Joywave and were quite impressed. Her alt pop comes with an edge. “We’re always trying to innovate and make pop music sound fresh,” she declares. “It’s never standard or formulaic. It’s experimental, and I’m telling stories.” In order to properly convey that style, the Oregon native locked herself in a Los Angeles studio with Mark Foster of Foster The People back in 2014. When they emerged, she came armed with an explosive sonic concoction that’s as danceable as it is deadly. “What I hear naturally and what he hears naturally are two very different things, but they complement each other,” she goes on. “The more time we spent together, we identified something very articulable. It’s more creative, but still poppy and at a really fast tempo.”

Grace Mitchell-10

The Wild Wild is the stage persona of Midwest native Benjamin Dunn who hitchhiked his way west to sleep on the beaches in Venice. Dropping the needle on any part of The Wild Wild’s debut EP Kids is to be immersed in retro sonics reminiscent of 80’s synth based greats Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel,  Springsteen and U2. In fact, Dunn is quick to reference the classic U2 track from 1984’s “Bad” with its “wide awake, I’m not sleeping” refrain, when describing his artistic philosophy. “To be awake, eyes wide open to beauty and magic, that’s my life philosophy, it makes you fearless knowing that the universe is ever conspiring for your happiness and something magical is about to happen right now. I don’t want to sleep through it.”

And local duo Holidae won heart, minds and dancing feet with their debut album “Tantrum”. We covered their CD release party at the Icehouse. Be ready for great beats, fantastic vocals and an outstanding live show.