George Ezra at the Varsity Theater 3/31/2015


There is something to be said for the simple things in life. One may enjoy a triple soy extra foam pumpkin frappuchino. but it cannot hold a candle to a simple cup of coffee at sunrise on vacation when everything is alright in the world. In George Ezra’s case a tea reference may have been better suited, since he’s loves his chai. His show at the Varsity was all about his music and much like the morning sun it was beautiful and warming.

Our cave dwelling Taliban readers without FM radio reception, may not have heard Ezra’s breakout hit “Budapest”, everyone else surely has. He’s popular enough that his name auto completes in Google before George Clooney! Headlining his first tour after supporting Sam Smith on his last one, his 2nd stop was a packed Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. To say that the audience was mostly female would be an understatement. There were a total of 3 guys in the front row.

George took the stage and introduced himself with “My name is George Ezra, and I am here to play some songs.” That phrase summed up the evening perfectly. Opening with “Cassy O” his voice pulled in his fans and he demonstrated a remarkable range from his regular bass-baritone to some upper range segments. He welcomed his fans and acknowledged those who had been “dragged along”.  Ezra shared short stories on how some of his songs came to be. Barcelona was written at the end of a month long Euro-Rail trip during which he filled several notebooks with ideas but never played the guitar he brought along. One of his songs was written a chorus song by 3 lovely girls (his words) and he apologized in a tongue in cheek way for his effort recreating that chorus by himself.

Barcelona was followed by a solo acoustic set that highlighted his voice. A testament to his engaged audience, only a few phones were raised during that part of the show.

His band returned (with a fresh cup of tea) eventually closing his main set with his hit single “Budapest”. The Encore was split in one solo song and one with his band. The concert was well designed and produced to highlight George and his voice. The lights were simple but effective; his band sounded good without distracting.

Overall it was a very enjoyable concert and George Ezra’s stage presence and voice made it special.

Set List:

Cassy O
Listen to the man
Blame it on me
Ben T (Solo)
Leaving it up (Solo)
Over the creek (Solo)
Stand by your gun
Song 6
Spectacular rival
Blind Man (Solo)
Did you hear the rain

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