Gallows Bound energize the Turf Club 7/13/2016


Wednesday night at the Turf Club had a decidedly southern flair to it. Virginia’s Gallows bound supported by Texas’ Whiskeydick.

Whiskeydick describe themselves as “two swaggering badasses holding acoustic guitars” and have developed somewhat of a cult following over the years. Their mike check was done to the tune of “Fried Chicken” and a waffle house patch was observed.  They may play acoustic guitars but the sound is country & metal at the same time and unabashedly fun. They switched song lyrics from love to murder and philosophized about the connection between them.

Gallows Bound remarked how hospitable St. Paul was for their first visit and how they were offered Meth within 30 seconds of parking their tour van. The 6-piece band composed of Jordan Joyes – Vocals/Guitar, Jesse Markle – Vocals/Guitar, Justin Carver- Banjo, Aaron Blow- Bass, Forrest Veatch – Mandolin, and Rob Shultz- Drums started their set with high energy and maintained it through their show. The “light attendance” did not impact their performance at all. I have to admire touring bands that play their hearts out, no matter how many people are in the audience. Hats off to both bands.

Gallows Bound’s sound is Americana with a punk attitude and vibe. The Mandolin, Banjo, upright bass and acoustic guitars may sound traditional but at the same time challenge those traditions and they speed and lyrics certainly feel all punk. Joyes and Markle back and forth on vocals works well and their stage presence energize the crowd. By the 5th song folks were dancing and everyone in the Turf Club was tapping or clapping along.

Set List: ? / Shaken / Empty / Broken Glass / Fuego / Witch / Damaged / Larry / Guardian / Black Widow Woman / Dominion / Dogs are howling