Gabriel Douglas and Sarah Krueger energize us late Saturday at the Icehouse


It had been less than 24 hours since I had been at the Icehouse last – but I don’t feel the need for an intervention just yet. The variety of shows I have covered there is impressive. If they manage to hold a UFC or WWE event there it would be a first, everything else has been done. From Friday’s jazzy/soul vibe it was a transition to Saturday’s bill or artists. Gabriel Douglas, front man of the 4onthefloor was playing a solo set.

First up was Duluth’s Sarah Krueger. Backed up by her band “Some of us drove from Duluth, some just from our home in Minneapolis” her live sound is a bit more lively than her records, and worked quite well for me. My personal favorite was “Ships and Trees” a song about Duluth and Lake Superior. I loved the feeling of wide open water that it conveyed. It was my first time hearing Krueger live (or consciously for that matter) and I for one enjoyed it quite a bit.

Set List:  Better When / Lustrous / Ships & Trees / Nothing ? / Break / Cover / Gun In Your Hand

I have seen and photographed the 4onthefloor a couple of times and alway liked their sets, but was not sure what to expect. Would it be a slow, bluesy set? Well, turns out you can put bunny ears on a tiger, but that will not turn the tiger into the easter bunny. The frequent beer toasts among band members and rocking music raised the energy level at the Icehouse greatly. “Marshall Ave” was introduced as “Nicollet Ave”, the venue’s location. A very well done cover of Pearl Jam’s “Not For You” was part of the set as well as the 4onthefloor’s “Junkie”. Douglas’ stage presence, voice and, of course, his beard filled the Icehouse, got people dancing, let us forget that is was well after midnight.

Set List: Thunderhead / Marshall Ave / Room At Top / Junkie / Murderer / Not For You / When I Light Your Darkened Door / People Leave – People Go