Froth comes to Tylertown for their show at the Entry


So there I was facing a Monday night with no plans and the couch did not look like the place my rear should be in. Hmm, that looks like an interesting headliner at the Entry, let’s go check out Froth. Froth’s management was great in approving our last minute request and I found myself at First Avenue ready for action.

Starting the night was Minneapolis’ The Coax. They just completed a West Coast tour and released a new album a few month ago. They took the stage in percentages (according to them) 50%, 75% and finally 100 %, although it should be noted that 75% of band members wore shoes and 25% did not, but 100 % wore socks – you figure it out :). The first song seemed to last quite a while and dissolved into and epic wall of distortion and guitar modulations. Their songs had vibes of beach/surf rock, punk and some very catchy guitar rhythms. It was my first time seeing them and The Coax should be on your list of bands to check out – they are awesome live.

LA’s Froth released their new album Outside (briefly)and are on the last week of the US leg of their tour before heading to Europe next week. Frothing is an Aussie surfer slang term but if you are expecting happy surf rock you will be in for a surprise of the shoegaze variety. The first thing they did on stage was to turn down the house lights (insert photographer complaints here) but that certainly set the mood for their set. Their sound started bit brooding and moody but certainly lively and brightened as they played. A few songs in some fans started dancing in the rear of the venue, but the crowd closer to stage seemed totally immersed into their music. The ongoing narrative between songs was that it was the bands’ first time in Minneapolis (not to be confused with Minne-an-apolis) or as singer JooJoo Ashworth called it “Tylertown” when he absolved the audience from any pronunciation errors “Fuck it, you didn’t name it”. Overall I enjoyed Froth’s set quite a bit, their sound is cool and interesting and I hope my European brethren will receive them with open arms.