Fraea EP Release at the Icehouse – 4/30/2016


In the days before the release of Fraea’s debut EP “Bend your Bones” buzz has been steadily building. Enough that MPR station The Current decided to sponsor the release show at the Icehouse, not something I see a lot at that venue. The show was sold out and there were a few folks outside who were not able to score tickets. The duo of Jessie Daley and Drew Preiner release “Criminal” a few weeks ago to great reviews.

A DJ set by Andrew Broder started the night.

Fraea’s stage setup included 3 keyboards and a drum set packing the Icehouse’s stage. They also brought their own lights augmenting the venue’s already pretty good house lights. The show started with the stage bathed in smoke and some instrumentals. Their first song “Fall in Love” featured strong echoes in Daley’s voice and instantly created a dark dreamy mood that filled the room. The duo’s list of influences is long and varied but instead of being pulled in different directions their songs take the best and mesh it together to create great music.
“It’s great to see your beautiful faces hanging out and dancing” said Daley. She also mentioned that each winter she thinks about moving someplace warmer, but that the way the city has rallied together this past week made all thoughts disappear.
“Awake” was one of my personal favorites. Overall I greatly enjoyed the show and hope we will get to hear and see a lot more of Fraea in the future.
Set List: Fall in Love / Trouble / Blindfold / Myth>PR / Haunt / Gutter / Run / Awake / Shore / Caaves / Echoes Encore: Criminal