First Annual Glam Doll Variety Show raising the curtain July 23rd at 7th Street Entry


The first ever Glam Doll Variety Show, hosted by Glam Doll Donuts, is set to raise its curtain on Sunday July 23, 2017 at 7th Street Entry. Glam Doll Donuts is a Minneapolis is a shiny, badass, donut shop specializing in delicious flavor combinations and a spunky atmosphere to match. With locations on Eat Street in Minneapolis and the newest edition to the NE Minneapolis neighborhood, Glam Doll has a hugely positive presence in the Twin Cities community. So it is no surprise that they want to host a variety show spotlighting local Minnesota bands, who also happen to be some of their talented employees, and their tasty treats. Don’t miss this awesome show that will be the first of many and get your tickets HERE or pick them up at both shops ($6 in advance and $8 at the door).

First on the bill is Minnesota’s own punk/grunge band Pierre. The three piece is an OG DIY band that travels around the country rocking basements and bars with crowds much to large for the space they occupy. DIY bands are a huge part of the Minnesota music scene where bands make their own merch, promote their own shows, book their own shows, and just make enough money from the $5 entry fee or donation to get from one city to the next. Pierre has got it all figured out. Their grungy punk lyrics from vocalist and guitarist Lucas Margulies, the strong bass lines from Alex Dunn, and the technical and hard drums from Kevan Larson just make you want jump on top of that crowd and hope you don’t knock a light off the basement ceiling.

The Gully Boys, Charles, Fuck Pants, and LLLLL are also set to play and all hail from Minnesota as well. They all bring an eclectic, indie rock sound that is as unique as the hosts themselves. If you’re lucky you might even get to snag one of those delectable puffs of dough and tasty sugar, just don’t take them on the crowd surf with you or someone might snag it!



Pierre’s next show:

Woopie Fest Oct. 20-22 St. Louis, MO

Gully Boys next show:

Minneapolis Icehouse July 18th

Minneapolis 7th Street Entry July, 21st