Eric B. And Rakim Make History At Varsity Theater


It was a full venue Wednesday night at Varsity Theater when Eric B. and Rakim, hailing from Long Island, New York made a stop in Minneapolis. The Technique Tour was the first tour between the iconic hip-hop duo in 25 years! It was very apparent that everyone was in store for a memorable show. As fans rolled in they reminisced about the golden age of hip-hop.

Local hip-hop acts performed short 5-10 minute sets to help raise the excitement. These acts brought a lyrical and thoughtful hip-hop presense. Fans embraced the lyrics and beats as they waited for more music to hypnotize their ears.

Yo-Yo, an LA veteran to the hip-hop game starting her career in the late 80’s, brought the intensity. Almost immediately after she took the stage she had the crowd’s focus and attention. Yo-Yo’s fresh moves, sharp lyrics and a radiant vibe grabbed all eyes in Varsity Theater. Her DJ, PZB was a cool compliment to Yo-Yo’s energy. Their set included many shout outs to the fellow women in the crowd and female icons like Queen Latifah and Sade. She ended her set the way she began… with a bang.

Eric B. entered the stage wearing a large and magnificent coat with his name in large letters on the back. He then removed the jacket almost like a boxer removing his robe to prepare for the match ahead. The DJ took his place at the highest point of the stage. Rakim entered the stage shortly after with a very similar presence. It was eye-catching and the suspense built. Excitement was oozing from an eager crowd ready for the beat to drop.

They opened the show with a couple of classics off their debut album, Paid in Full, to set the mood. The crowd’s enthusiasm was hard to miss. Fans didn’t miss or beat or word as they watched their idols “make history” as many were saying. It was apparent that many were reliving the golden era of hip-hop in present day 2018. As the duo performed there was a painter on stage creating a painting of Philando Castile while the show was taking a place. This added yet another layer of culture and art.

Wednesday night a the Varsity Theater was a night for hip-hop. Some may even say it was a night for making history.