Erasure To Play The State Theatre On 7/29


British synthpop duo Erasure has been a juggernaut of shamelessly fun songs for over 30 years giving us hit like “Respect”, “Victim of Love”, and no less than 18 albums. They also hold the title of “Most FUN show I have ever been to” with their show at First Avenue years ago.

They return to the US with their “World Beyond Tour” that will make a stop at the State Theatre on 7/29. Tickets are available HERE

Singer Andy Bell is one of the most charming performers I have seen and Vince Clark has been a founding member in 3 of my all time favorite bands (Erasure, Yazoo, and Depeche Mode). 

They formed in London, and entered the music scene in 1985 with their debut single “Who Needs Love Like That“. Following the release of their fourth single “Sometimes“, the duo established itself on the UK Singles Chart and became one of the most successful artists of the late 1980s to mid-1990s.

From 1986 to 2007, Erasure achieved 24 consecutive Top 40 hits in the UK, while having three Top 20 hits in the US (on the Billboard Hot 100): “A Little Respect“, “Chains of Love“, and “Always“. By 2009, 34 of their 37 chart-eligible singles and EPs had made the UK Top 40, with 17 climbing into the Top 10. At the 1989 Brit Awards, Erasure won the Brit Award for Best British Group.