Enforcer And Warbringer Thrash The Amsterdam


Thursday night Enforcer and Warbringer were at the Amsterdam as part of their 2019 North American Tour and the Amsterdam may still be shaking.  It was one of the more entertaining nights of metal that I recall recently.  It was hot, the crowd was moshing and drinking and the volume was off the charts.

Opening the evening was Blodwar.  This was the first time I saw Blodwar, but it won’t be the last.  I’m not sure where they have been, but they put on a great show.  A local band, they started fast and didn’t let up.  Lead singer Joe Walters even left the stage to mosh while singing 2 songs.  A great start to the night.

The second band was another local band, Hex Vortices.  I have seen them before and loved them then and loved them now.  The crowd kept moshing, drinking and sweating and the music kept coming.  The band members have vast experience and it’s obvious watching and listening to them play.   Another great show by Hex Vortices!

Warbringer was setting up and doing sound checks and the crowd cheered them on in anticipation of their set.  The California based band commented on the heat and it got hotter as the night went on.  The moshing picked up as the crowd was working itself into a frenzy.  Vocalist John Kevill was animated and entertaining, singing with members of the audience.  He and other members of the band high fived the crowd and interacted with them frequently throughout the set.  The band left the stage, leaving drummer Carlos Cruz alone.  Cruz asked if the crowd wanted more and the audience erupted bringing Warbringer back for an encore.  All I could think was WOW!  Warbringer was unbelievable and I didn’t see any way that Enforcer could match what I had just seen.

When Enforcer took the stage, the first thing I noticed was their attire.  There were dressed like an 80’s hair band, but were obviously much younger.  The Swedish Thrashers are known for playing older speed metal, with the accent on speed.  Enforcer was extreme high energy and a joy to watch.  They performance was nonstop, running around the stage, mugging and posing for the camera.  I love bands like Enforcer, the photo opps are countless.  Enforcer managed to equal Warbringer’s performance and I left with my jaw open at what I experienced.  What a great evening of Metal and I feel sorry for anyone that missed it.  If you get the opportunity and are a fan of metal, you must see these 2 bands while they are on tour.