Emo Night Tries Out New Home- Taking Over First Avenue 4/19


I’ve been going to Emo Night for awhile now and as much as I love being crammed into the basement bar that is Honey, I’m beyond stoked to be able to experience this event at the First Avenue Mainroom on Friday, April 19th. If you have never experienced an Emo Night but are a fan of all things black eyeliner, spikey hair and skinny jeans this is seriously a night you can not miss. Although I may never remember much from the Emo Nights I have been to in the past, I can tell you that I always wake up with a sore face from singing and smiling so much.

Emo Night XXL, as with all the other Emo Nights, will be hosted by the beautiful Nocturna Lee Mission. From the dimly lit streets of Minneapolis, Nocturna Lee Mission emerges to serve you a captivating fusion of mainstream, and darkness. If she isn’t busy boiling deer skulls for her next accessory, she is working on a way to become your late night sweet dream.

Also helping out the night will be local favorites- Flip Phone. Ah, the flip phone era. Boy bands topped the charts, Outkast kept things fresh and clean, and Destiny’s Child were still together and wearing whimsical outfits designed by Tina Knowles. This glorious decade spanning 1996 to 2006 comes to life once a month at Honey’s underground dance party in Northeast, an LGBTQ-friendly event that will bust you out of your usual night-at-the-bar rut. With themes like a Britney Spears pajama party, Mariah’s Butterfly Jamboree, and “Bed, Bath, and Beyoncé,” Flip Phone is more about keeping things fun than aggressively shopping the meat market — which is good because desperation isn’t a cute look on anyone.

Breakout that black eyeliner and let’s all dress like we are in a My Chemical Romance music video– tickets are still available HERE!