Electro Swing band Parov Stelar filled the Myth Friday evening


Electro Swing band Parov Stelar filled the Myth Friday evening. Parov Stelar, is currently Austria’s internationally most successful artist. Parov Stelar is known as the founder of “Electro Swing”. The Parov Stelar Band, is in heavy request all over the world. His music is the soundtrack for numerous movies, TV shows and ads. Parov released his fifteenth album in late 2017 called “The Burning Spider”. They are currently in the middle of their world tour end of 2017 into 2018.

The fans filled the myth with great anticipation of a great concert. The fans were saddened that Parov Stelar himself wasn’t able to make the Myth show due to a family emergency. We all know that family is so important in our lives and always comes first. I was unsure if his band was going to be able to pull off a great show without him.

The large LED backlights began to flash and the crowd erupted in cheer. Sebastian Grimus (Saxophone) came out and started playing the first notes of song “Hit Me Like a Drum”. Cleo Panther (Vocals), Marc Osterer (Trumpet), Jakob Mayr (Trombone), Michael Wittner (Bass/Guitar) and Willie Larsson Jr. (Drums) soon followed on stage. Cleo Panther’s vocals won over the crowd quickly. They played a monstrous nineteen song set list including songs like “Grandpa’s Groove“,”Booty Swing” and closed with “Libella Swing“. I was absolutely surprised how amazing and talented the Parov Stelar band is. The fans danced and swung there hips to the rhythm of Electro Swing.  In the end, while Parov’s presence was sadly missed the effort by his musicians turned the evening into a very enjoyable experience for his fans.