Eels To Play First Avenue on 6/5


In support of his recently released 12th studio album The Deconstruction, Mark Oliver Everett, (aka E) and his band Eels hit The Mainroom at 7pm. 

Tickets still available HERE  

The new album continues to feature E’s signature dead eye, dead-panned, self loathing, 90’s formula.  Few bands with a run this long have done so without evolving or pushing in a new direction.  Instead, the arc of the band’s albums seem more a cataloging of life’s challenges and the persistence required to somehow survive.  As fatalistic as Eel songs may be the fans thats that first discovered them over 20 years ago with Novocaine For The Soul will ask:  If it ain’t broke, why fix it?  Along the way have been comparisons to Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Beck.  In the home environs of LA, Everett is granted near mythical status.  One thing critics and fans can agree upon is that The Eels are guaranteed to fill an environment with the smoke and darkness of Mordor juxtaposed against simple pleasing melodies.

The released single Bone Dry is quintessential Eels.  Heart ripped out by his woman, the main character is a dead man walking with nothing left to give.  He’s been rendered bone dry.  Despite it all, he trudges on and somehow survives.  Is there an optimism trying to find its way out?  

In support of The Eels is That 1 Guy.  A truly unique and acclaimed one man road dog with his big Magic Pipe; a monstrosity of metal, strings and electronics.  The Guy in question is Mike Silverman, highly regarded Buckethead collaborator and winner of Best Musical Act at Edinburgh’s famed Fringe Festival. Expect not only sonic magic but visual sleight of hand virtuosity from the stage.