Durand Jones And The Indications Show Respect At The Entry

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If I had to sum up last night’s show in own word, “Respect” would be the first thing that comes to mind. It was shown in many situations, but I am getting ahead of myself. As usual, I was well behind the learning curve of the bands performing at the Entry. It all started when I heard Durand Jones & The Indications’ singe “Smile” on the Current Tuesday morning and liked it. Their show at the Entry on the next day was mentioned, so I reached out to cover.

Seaberg was finishing up their soundcheck when I arrived and I realized I had seen them before opening for Chastity Brown. A trio, their first song was a solo by Taylor Seaberg building loops into a complex weave to sounds and vocals. She then was joined by her band mates Justin Halverson and Carlos Kelly for a very entertaining set that showed Seaberg’s range going from jazzy, to hip hop (rapping from the drum kit no less) to moments that felt very much like 70s psych rock.

How did Durand Jones’ music career get started? Well according to his bio “My grandma always heard me singing at home, and she said, ‘I’m gonna put your ass in the youth choir,’”. Well, grandmas around the world have been right for centuries, and so was Durand’s. One other thing she must have taught him? Respect! As Seaberg was finishing up their soundcheck and setting aside their instruments I noticed him walking up to them and say. “I am excited to share the stage with you tonight.”.  

Durand Jones and the Indications were founded at Indiana University and 452 dollars and 11 cents later, their self titled debut album was born. Without being old fashioned, their set brought back the classic feel of soul. From the horn section, to the song introductions their performance had a classy vibe. Updates on the Timberwolves playing their way into the playoffs next door made it into the set for those who enjoyed the music to much to be distracted by their phones. I may not listen to soul much outside of concerts, but shows like last night’s never fail to pull me into their grasp. Their music shows the respect they have for the artists that came before them, paying homage without copying, creating new music in their spirit.

I for one am glad I got to spend my Wednesday evening with Durand Jones and the Indications, and from the sound of the applause and cheers, so did the rest off the well attended Entry.

Set List: Smile / Walk Away / Dedicated/ Can’t Keep / After The Lies/ Is It Any Wonder / Groovy Babe / Hell Below / There Must Be / Don’tcha Know / You’re All I Need / True Love / Make A Change / How Can I Be Sure Encore: Agony / Should I Take You Home