Driving Metal From Devin Townsend Project and Fallujah Lights Up Mill City Nights


photos by David Rubene


People wrapped around the block on Wednesday night, lining up to jam out to some metal. Once I arrived I noticed that I was the only kid not wearing a black t shirt, and it was a fairly packed Mill City Nights … so that’s saying something.

The night started off with Fallujah as the opening act.  It began with long haired, head banging that then eased into forming a mosh pit. Everyone was raising their “horns” as the lead singer bellowed out each lyric from the depths of his lungs.  This resulted in him hacking up spit onto the stage throughout their set.  Personally, I thought that was pretty badass.  For an opening act they were well received and the crowd enjoyed their new single “Alone With You”. Their set list included:

Amber Gaze
Scar Queen
Alone With You
Wind for Wings
The Void Alone

After a short break in the action to change up the stage, it was time for Devin Townsend Project to take the stage. This time instead of head banging with long hair, the band members of the Devin Townsend Project (you may know them as DTP) were all bald with long beards.  The crowd was chanting “Devin!  Devin! Devin!” as the lights dimmed and they took the stage. Halfway through their set the lead singer Devin Townsend took a moment to engage the crowd in casual conversation.  He talked about the origin of the band and what led the three “middle-aged Canucks” to start a metal band.  His reason – “You turn on the TV and all you see is depressing shit – so who wouldn’t want to drown out the sadness by jamming out to some metal on a weeknight!”

Set list
Storm Bending
We Belong
Secret Sciences
Poozers Kingdom