DrinksGiving with The Mark Andrew Band at Famous Dave’s Blues Club


The Mark Andrew Band was the perfect way to start Thanksgiving weekend in Minneapolis, or should we say “Drinksgiving,” as the event was dubbed. Drinksgiving featuring the Mark Andrew Band got underway at The Famous Dave’s Blues Club shortly after 9 pm on Wednesday and it was the perfect venue for the Mark Andrew Band’s album release show. Cheap drinks and loud music was just what the Twin Cities needed to kick off the holiday weekend.

The Mark Andrew band played through roughly hour-long set like seasoned pros. Their entire performance was tight and polished, but front man Mark Andrew’s voice gives it a gritty feel that was refreshing and engaging. The 5-piece band played through their set with smiles and grins the whole time – you could tell these dudes were doing what they love and in their hometown no less. There is always something special about getting to watch a band play to their hometown, knowing their surrounded by friends and family. Whether it’s a look and wink from the stage to a high-five with someone in the crowd, you can’t help but feel the love.

The set mainly featured vocals from Mark Andrew. Which again, were polished and on point. It’s clear this guy works hard at his art and it pays off. No two songs were the same, which was also refreshing. There are times when you see a band live, and all the songs start to sound the same, but that was far from the case with Mark Andrew. From bluesy to rock to funk, these guys sprinkled in a little bit of everything. That seemed to be part of the explanation for the diverse crowd. From the fratty dudes to the older ladies dancing to the families grabbing a bite to eat and listening in the back, there was no one type of people in the crowd – which I think speaks to Mark Andrew’s appeal. The Mark Andrew’s band latest album The Electric Electric has a little something for everyone, and their live performance definitely echoed this. A standout moment of the set was definitely the jam session at the end, featuring members of White Iron Band. I lost track of how many people were on stage at one point, but it was absolutely captivating to watch these guys just play their hearts out.

“We haven’t played together in a while. It’s kind of like hooking up with an old girlfriend you just get right back to it,” the band joked in between songs. From their chemistry, energy and banter back and forth on stage, you would never know these guys haven’t played together in a while. They played with the energy of a band who does this every night and the crowd at Famous Dave’s Blues Club seemed to reciprocate. The Mark Andrew Band’s album release show was the perfect start to the holiday weekend in Minneapolis.