Dope Reunion Tour Rocked the Cabooze


Illinois own industrial metal band Dope stopped at the Cabooze Saturday night. They are currently  touring the U.S. on the sponsored Revolver Magazine “Die Mother Fucker Die” reunion tour. Dope’s new album “Blood Money Part 1” is out 10/28 preorder now.

California based Motograter opened the show. They get their name from a mysterious contraption designed with industrial cable, guitar pieces, and other components, to create a unique, low, distorted bass sound. The band is widely known for their image, notorious for covering themselves in tribal style body paint. The fans were loving the killer sound of Motograter.

FLAW a nu-metal band from Louisville, KY. FLAW is a band that is re-emerging on the strength of renewed focus and energy, and that energy is captured on the lead single from “Divided We Fall”, a song called “Live and Breathe” that is a vessel of raw human experience and emotion. FLAW played a flawless set. The fans were moshing and jumping with the beat.

The lights went out and the backlights began pulsating. The fans were screaming for Dope. Edsel Dope emerged on stage and the crowd went nuts. Dope came out and blew away fans with song “Violence”. They played hit songs “Die MF Die” , “Spin Me Round” and Billy Idol cover of “Rebel Yell”.  The killer twenty song set ended with “FTP”. The fans loved the reunion of their favorite band. The energy on stage was captivating. I was absolutely amazed how much fun and talented the guys of Dope are. I personally left wanting more.