Don’t Miss Harley Poe and The Homeless Gospel Choir 11/10 at The Whiskey Junction


Harley Poe and The Homeless Gospel Choir will be stopping by The Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis on Sunday,November 10th with a show that is sure to start your week off right.

It’s Not Enough To Say Harley Poe Write Songs About Monsters. Harley Poe Sing About Being Monsters. In The Band’s World, The Vampires, Werewolves, Serial Killers, And Cannibals Take Center Stage.

Harley Poe Is An Acoustic Horror Folk Rock Band With Punk Influences. They Are Similar In Style To Violent Femmes. Their Lyrics However, Are Extremely Dark, With Many References To Horror Movie Subculture.

The Homeless Gospel Choir, also known as Derek Zanetti, is a folk-punk musician from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. His act consists of his voice, his emotions, and his acoustic guitar. He’s signed to A-F Records and has released five albums to date. His debut album, “Some People Never Go Anywhere,” was released in 2010, “You Work So Hard to Be Like Everyone Else,” in 2011, Luxury Problems, his third was released in 2012; and his fourth album, I Used To Be So Young, which was released in 2014, contains his hit song, “Untitled”. Most of his songs revolve around the topics of politics and mental health.

Tickets are still available HERE!