Don’t Miss Anna of the North 2/26 at The 7th Street Entry


Anna of the North will be playing a show at The 7th Street Entry on Wednesday, February 26th and believe me when I say that you want to be there.

Anna Lotterud was born in the tiny Norwegian hamlet of Gjøvik, a close neighbour of Lillehammer. Settled with a boyfriend, she was working in a shop when one of her more persistent customers suggested travel may break something of the ennui and enliven the creativity in a homespun young woman with charisma to spare. Taking her at her word, she travelled halfway around the globe and enrolled on a graphic design course in Melbourne, all the time harbouring musical ambitions. Slowly, pleasingly, they unravelled into the sumptuous mood music, defined geographically and of title as Anna of the North.

To all intents and purposes, Anna had found her own idiosyncratic groove. On the release of Lovers, the building blocks of a major new artist had taken effect. Anna’s had nudged at the inner parameters of the mainstream pop stratosphere with transparency, curiosity and wonder. Her star wattage was lent extra commercial velocity when genial raconteur and Odd Future chief Tyler, The Creator contacted her to guest on his Grammy-nominated ‘Flower Boy’ suite. A powerhouse Chainsmokers remix of Anna’s first single ‘Sway’ became a global smash. 

Quadry will be opening up the show. It’s humid where he’s from even in the winter. Quadry always liked to read, imagining igloos to alleviate the sticky air. Rapping like any competitive sport in his surroundings were championed, explained as a way out of obscurity, a way to see ones worth through sheer force of will & vigorous reinvention of oneself. So It Began, first with mixcraft, laptop mics, Logic & SoundCloud. The first few albums like Dopè and America, Me are dispatches backed by the alternative hip hop instrumentals of Michael UzoWuro (“Suburbia” – Track one off Dopè) & Thelonious Martin (“Tropic Blu” – Debut Visual & Lead Single from Dopè).

Tickets are still available HERE!