Doll Skin, Revilwen, and WarRooster at The What’s Up on March 31st, 2016


Mankato has been bringing in quite a few good shows as of late.  Thursday, March 31st was one of these shows.  Doll Skin came to The What’s Up Lounge along with local openers Revilwen and WarRooster.  If the lineup alone didn’t get you to this show, the acoustic performance and interview on 95.7 The Rock Station by Doll Skin most likely sealed the deal!  They were amazing and it was cool to hear stories from their time on the road thus far.  When I got to The What’s Up, it was already filling up right at 7 and kept getting better as the night went on.

The show started right on time with WarRooster taking the stage first.  They quickly let everyone know this was going to be a night of great music by starting out heavy and not letting up until their set was done.  I’ve always enjoyed catching WarRooster because they have such energy when they are playing.  If you’ve been to The What’s Up or read my reviews of shows there, you know that it’s a smaller venue with a small, darker stage, so getting photos meant pushing my camera to the limits.  I did manage to get some nice shots, though, and you can take a look at them below.

Revilwen took the stage next and brought the show to the next level.  With the smaller stage, it felt as though they could actually tear it up if they brought it up just a little.  They engaged the crowd for the entire set and it was funny to see Zimmy spilling his beer with the mic wire!  He might have to get a spill proof cup next time!  It was great to catch Revilwen again!  The sound/light guy also plays in the band, so once the lights were set, there was no changing them!  It was a little dark on the sides, but I got a few shots.  Check them out in the slideshow below.

It was clear by the amount of people in The What’s Up that they were here to check out Doll Skin.  If you’re unfamiliar with them, Doll Skin is comprised of 4 girls age 19 and under, with two members only at the 16 year old mark!  If you didn’t know that before the show, their sound definitely does not reflect it.  The live show these girls put on was fantastic and was better than some of the bands that have been playing for as long as the members of Doll Skin have been alive!  They put in tons of energy from the start of their set and kept it going right through to their last song, “Family of Strangers”.  I even got a kick out of how quick they were when responding to funny comments from the audience!  Doll Skin puts on a great performance and you should do yourself a favor and catch on of their shows!  If you are in the MN area and missed this show, they will be returning to The Cabooze on April 22nd!  You can be sure I’ll be there to see them again!  As for the photos I took, you can see them below!

I’ve really been happy with the local shows lately and seeing the attendance numbers getting better!  I hope the trend continues!  This was a really great show and I can’t think of a better way to close out March!  Huge thanks to The What’s Up Lounge and 95.7 The Rock Station for bringing great shows to the area!

As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!